Captain Jean Luc Picard: Captain Picard retired from Starfleet in 2385. He was not content to retire to a small farm somewhere. He was an explorer and diplomat first. He requested and was granted as a sign of gratitude, that the USS Stargazer be released from mothballs into Civilian service, and given to him. A long with his best friend Guinan he continues to explore the stars on his first love. From time to time he is still called upon to help the Federation as a diplomat. Requestable: No

Commander William Riker: Now a Captian, Riker is the CO of the USS Titan. He serves the federation as he has his entire career, with distinction and good humor. Rumors that his trombone was transported into deep space remain unconfirmed. Requestable: No

Lieutenant Commander Data: The original Data was killed on the Scimitar in 2379. Before this happened he copied his memories into B-4 his early prototype. Eventually Data’s personality and memories merged with the limited memories and personality of B-4. This new Date resumed his Starfleet Career, though the prototype was not as efficient and capable as the original Data. He is now a Starfleet Captain commanding the USS Sutherland, the same ship he temproarily commanded during the Klingon Civil War. Requestable: Yes

Counselor Troi: Troi moved on to serve with her Husband on the Titan where she remains to this day. She steadfastly refuses to ever take the helm of the ship however. Requestable: No

Lieutenant Commander Worf: Worf retired form Starfleet to become the ambassador to the Klingon Empire. When Chancelor K’Pac broke the treaty and attacked the Federation, drawing them into the Romulan Civil war, Worf and other officials that balked were exiled. Worf decided to return to Starfleet. He was promoted to Commander and given the command of the USS Diligent, a Steamrunner Class cruiser. Requestable: Yes

Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge: He was promoted to Commander shortly after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. He served on the Enterprise for one more year before becoming the Executive Officer of the USS Challenger. He served on that ship until it was lost in 2383. At that time he was given the command of the USS Righteous, a refit Excelsior Requestable: Yes

Commander Beverly Crusher: Beverly served on the Enterprise until the retirement of Picard. She thought about joining him on his adventures, but she was offered the command of the USS Pasteur, and she could not pass it up. She was a Doctor at heart and felt the need to continue helping people. Requestable: Claimed