The Treaty of Nimbus signed in late 2385 brought the end of the Romulan Civil War and its side conflicts including the Federation and Gorn Hegemony. The treaty was debated and ratified on the Planet Nimbus 3. The representatives in attendance were Talus of Vulcan for the Federation, General Askade for the Klingon Empire, Phaerel tr’Kalime of the True Romulan Empire, Admiral Mahivel tr’Derian of the Romulan Republic, Shissk of the Gorn Hegemony and Maxwell Koheler representing the Colonies that would become the Confederacy of Systems.

The provisions of the Treaty are as follows.

  1. The True Romulan Empire will be recognized by all attendees for it’s right to exist. It will keep the territory it held at the time of the cease fire. A new neutral zone is established between the Federation, Republic, and Klingon borders that no military ship is to cross without clearing it with the governments involved. It’s capitol planet will be established on D’Deridex. It will welcome Ambassadors from the Federation, the colonies, the Gorn and the Klingon Empire.
  2. The Romulan Republic will maintain control of the planet Romulus and will respect the Neutral Zone established. All citizens of the Empire who wish to immigrate to the Republic will have one year to do so.
  3. The Klingon Empire will return captured territory to the Federation and Gorn in the main bodies of their territory. The territory in the Beta quadrant beyond the borders of the old Klingon Empire that the Federation had held will not be returned, and will be divided between the Klingon Empire and the True Romulan Empire as per their agreement when entering the war. The military alliance between the Klingon and True Romulan Empires will be ended. The Klingon Empire will restore the honor and houses of all Klingons exiled by the former chancellor. The Military will begin steps to return the Empire’s rule to a new chancellor and High Council.
  4. This treaty replaces the treaty of Algeron between the old Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. The Neutral Zone between the Republic and the Federation shall be eliminated. Trade between entities will become free and legal. Cloaking technology may be researched by the Federation, but in accordance with negotiations with the True Romulan Empire it will be limited to ships with the Scout designation.
  5. The Federation will not contest the secession of the colonies in the Beta Quadrant that wish to withdraw. The Federation will allow immigration from the Federation to the colonies. The Federation will allow the colonies to form their own military and government without interference. The Gorn Hegemony will form an official alliance with the colonies when it’s government is formed.
  6.  A diplomatic council on Nimbus 3 shall be established with a representative from all signatories of this treaty. This council will further negotiate to improve relations of all involved.
  7.  Addendum in 2386: All signatories agree not to develop weapons that can cause planet scale damage or damages to space or time. Weapons such as Thalaron Radiation generators and Isolytic weapons are strictly forbidden.  All parties also agree not to develop phased cloaking technology.