The Liberty class Starship was designed to replace the venerable Excelsior Class in Star Fleet. The design was all ready to roll into production when the Dominion War happened and the Lakota refit was done. When the Federation decided it was going to go with Excelsior refits and new Lakota variants the Liberty class was canceled. The Confederacy was happy to put the Liberty in production, hoping it would become the backbone of the Confederacy Navy like the Excelsior is to Star Fleet.  The design was one of the canceled designs stolen by defecting members of the ASDB when they went to the Confederacy. The Class itself is equivalent to the  Excelsior Lakota Variant in firepower.


Type: Heavy Cruiser
Length: 508m
Width: 263m
Height: 98m
Decks: 28
Crew: 507
Max Warp: 9.65