Based off of the Raptor class of the 2150s, the SuQob Raptor is a modernized starship. A result of the alliance with the TRE allowing the Klingons to upgrade their aging starships to more modern and powerful standards. The SuQob class proved to be very effective during the Beta Quadrant War. Designed to be fast for patrol duty and support of the Klingon Cruisers. It is well armed for it’s size.

Type: Destroyer
Length: 145m
Width: 26m
Height: 30m
Decks: 8
Crew: 40

3x Klingon  K-GDM-3A Disruptor Canons
1x Klingon KP-5 Photon Torpedo Launcher
Klingon KSQ-2 Shield System
Klingon STN8-A Warp Drive Speeds 6/9.2/9.8
Klingon  K-HEU-7 Impulse Drive Speed .95
Klingon Class 4 Cloaking Device

Shuttle Bay with 2 Shuttles
2 Personell, 2 Cargo, and 2 Emergency Transporters
2 Tractor Beams
40 Cargo Units (1000 Cubic Meters)
Atmospheric Capability