The B’Rel class had reached the maximum limit of it’s constant uprates, and it was time for a new Bird of Prey design. Based off the old B’Rel a sleek new Bird of Prey was designed. Well armed for it’s size and fast the QulDun class Bird of Prey is the pride of any Warrior commanding one.


Type: Scout
Length: 110m
Width: 90m
Height: 20m
Decks: 4
Crew: 16

2x Klingon  K-GDM-3 Disruptor Canons
1x Klingon KP-5 Photon Torpedo Launcher
Klingon KSQ-2 Shield System
Klingon STN8-A Warp Drive Speeds 6/9.2/9.8
Klingon  K-HEU-7 Impulse Drive Speed .95
Klingon Class 5 Cloaking Device

2 Personell, 2 Cargo, and 2 Emergency Transporters
2 Tractor Beams
40 Cargo Units (1000 Cubic Meters)
Atmospheric Capability