Replacing the venerable K’Tinga class with an updated design was a priority of the Fleet Modernization Project ordered by former Chancelor K’pac. The K’Tanco was the result of it. In a similar sized space frame the Empire was able to fit much more powerful weaponry and modern systems in a ship that is fast to build. They were able to replace the old ships pretty quickly. This ship became the most common cruiser in the Empire, sending the older Vor’cha class into a support role.


Type: Battle Cruiser
Length: 246m
Width: 160m
Height: 68m
Decks: 15
Crew: 150

5x Klingon  K-GDM-5 Disruptor Canons
2x Klingon KP-10 Photon Torpedo Launchers
Klingon KSR Shield System
Klingon STN9 Warp Drive Speeds 7/9.2/9.6
Klingon  K-HEU-7 Impulse Drive Speed .95
Klingon Class 4 Cloaking Device

Shuttle Bay with 2 Shuttles and 2 Shuttlepods
3 Personell, 3 Cargo, and 3 Emergency Transporters
2 Tractor Beams
60 Cargo Units (1500 Cubic Meters)