Captain Benjamin Sisko: The Sisko is still with the Prophets. There have been no signs of his return as of yet. Requestable: No

Major Kira Nerys: When Bajor was admitted into the Federation, Kira was among the Bajoran Militia who joined Starfleet. She was made Captain and given command of Deep Space Nine. Kira found being in Starfleet was not really for her. She bristled against their regulations. She decided that she was meant to help Bajor so she retired form Starfleet and returned home to help with the rebuilding. Requestable: No

Chief Miles O’Brien: Miles took a position on Earth at Star Fleet Academy, a real honor for an enlisted man to be invited to teach officer cadets. He is currently teaching Operation cadets in emergency procedures. He was given a Warrant Officer promotion meaning for the first time people called him sir. He didn’t like it and insisted they called him Chief anyway. Requestable: Yes.

Dr Julian Bashir: Julian has since left Deep Space Nine when his relationship with Ezri Dax ended. He has been transfering from Starship to Starship looking for an assignment that was right for him. Julian as always is looking for exciting times and adventures. Requestable: Yes

Counselor Ezri Dax: Ezri Dax tranferred from Counselor to Command division shortly after her relationship with Julian ended. While such a move is odd, given her symbiont she has the skills and knowledge to make it possible. She has worked her way up and now has the Rank of Captain, promoted to such when her CO was killed on a mission. She now Commands the USS Io, A Luna Class. Requestable: Yes

Constable Odo: Odo is still combined with the Great Link, teaching the Changelings everyhting he knows about the Solids. Trying to teach them that not all of them are bad so that the Dominion is no longer a threat to his adopted home. Requestable: No

Quark: Quark is still on Deep Space Nine, Still owning his bar. It’s what he does, it’s what he loves. He’s been successful however. Very successful. He is now selling Franchise Rights to Quarks Bar for other starbases and space stations in the Federation. All for a reasonable fee and cut of the profits, of course. Requestable: Yes

Nog: Nog is now a Full Lieutenant, and attending Command School on Earth. His desire is to become a Starfleet Captain one day. Soon to graduate and be promoted to his first Executive Officer Post. Requestable: Yes

Garak: Garak has moved from simple tailor, to Ambassador to the Federation. His Embassy is on Deep Space Nine. He didn’t much care for Earth for the short time he was there. He has proven to be very helpful in improving relations between the Cardassians and the Federation, especially the Bajorans. Requestable: Claimed

Jake Sisko: Jake became the writer and journalist he’s always wanted to be. He is a successful novelist as well as writing a column for the New York Times back on Earth. Though he moved back home to Earth, he keeps in contact with Deep Space Nine waiting for the day his father returns. Requestable: Yes