The Alpha and Beta Quadrants are recovering from another major war. The Romulan Civil War quickly drew in the surrounding powers and ended in a stalemate. All the participants in the war suffered losses in one way or another. Now that the war has ended the major powers are hoping that diplomacy will once again rule the day.


The Federation: The UFP lost significant territory in the war, both through losses to the Klingon Empire, and a group of colonies that seceded from the Federation. They now focus their interests into diplomacy with the Romulan Star Republic and Cardassian Union as well as a return to Starfleet’s primary mandate of Exploration. That doesn’t mean the Federation can let their guard down. Though major war is unlikely, there are multiple smaller threats that when combined could put the Federation in a tough spot after fighting 5 major wars in the last 40 years.


The Klingon Empire: The Klingon Empire expanded it’s technology and territory greatly as the result of the war. They were the closest to a victor the war had, however it came with a price. A significant portion of the population felt that the Empires actions and alliances in the war were dishonorable. This lead to significant internal civil unrest and eventually a military coup. Several prominent Captains in the Klingon Defense Force disposed their generals and even the Chancellor. Now the Klingon Empire seeks a new leader, and until then the KDF and House Fleets work to keep order.


The Romulan Star Republic: The martyred Praetor’s dream of a truly free republic for the Romulan people and their subjects came true, but at a heavy price. The former Romulan Empire was split in two and billions died in the war that followed. The young new Praetor and the Senate are now building the new government and infrastructure, and a new Congress of Representatives, allow the former Romulan subjects to finally have a voice in their government. Many races once slaves are now free, including the long suffering Remans. The Capital of the Republic is the planet Romulus.


The True Romulan Empire: When Mandukar murdered the Praetor of the old Romulan Star Empire he had visions of crowning himself the ruler of all Romulans. He didn’t exactly get what he wanted, but he did get a new Empire. This new Empire is ruled by him and a Council of Houses. The heads of the Romulan Houses that backed him make up the council. The Government operates similarly to the old RSE, but the Emperor holds much more executive power unlike the old Emperor who was more a figurehead. The way the empire was born and the atrocities that rogue agents carried out in the Empires name, like the devastation of Andoria, has lead to the Empire being ostracized by many powers. Only the Tholians and the Tzenkethi have official diplomatic relations with the Empire at this time. The Capital of the Empire is the planed D’Deridex.


The Cardassian Union: The Cardassians sat the war out as they were still devastated and recovering from the Dominion War. The civilian gorvernment now firmly established and in control seeks to improve relations with the other powers through diplomacy and trade. The long contested colony worlds on the Federation and Cardassian border will serve as a start as they will be settled by both Cardassian and Federation citizens in hope of fostering peaceful relations, much like happened with the Gorn on Cestus III. Not everything is happy in the Union though. There are those that believe that the Union should return to Military rule and conquest as a way to meet the needs of their people.


The Confederacy of Systems: A large swath of Federation colony worlds that the Federation could not protect were lost to the Klingon Empire in the war. Another large group of colonies only survived thanks to Gorn intervention. This group of colonies, angered that the Federation could not protect them, and conceded others to the Klingons in the armistice agreement, decided to withdraw form the Federation. They became the Confederacy of Systems or the Confederacy for short. The systems bound together to form a united government and in a controversial move appointed a former Federation admiral wanted for war crimes as the head of their military. It was believed that it was a necessary evil so that the Confederacy could properly defend itself. Though the Federation recognizes the Confederacy, they will not open diplomatic relations and trade with them as long as the rogue Admiral is involved in their military.